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Not that you care but here’s a little bit about the author and why he’s writing this blog.

I’m a middle aged male working a stable job, earning a decent pay, and generally living the American dream.

My employer recently enacted a social media policy that echos that of many stating that our social media posts, although personal, are a representation of the company and the company has an obligation to protect their image and would therefore be monitoring employees social media accounts.  I don’t have a problem with such policies when said employees interact with customers but to involve faceless drones that aren’t even important enough for the company to provide a phone extension or business cards?

After a decade of work I recently decided to go back to school and finish my degree. While I have no desire to leave my present employer, there are no certainties in life.  As each day passes, my eyes are opening to see the world of opportunities that await once those letters are after my name.  Like employers that monitor current employee’s social media, they also look at the accounts of applicants.  While a professional looking LinkedIn profile may get you in the to-consider pile of applicants, it only takes one drunken Facebook check-in to be passed over when scheduling interviews.

This year my long-time partner and I were officially married.  For years he was on my heath and car insurance without issue.  Along comes Obergefell and all of a sudden we’re being treated the same as our breeder coworkers.  No insurance without a marriage certificate so, next year we get to experience the joy of doing three sets of Federal taxes.  I’ll have plenty of space to bitch about laws I find stupid, SCOTUS ruling to which I disagree, and the media conspiracy against the Libertarian and Green parties if I continue with this on-grid/off-grid experiment.  The point is, now that we’re married I have a legal obligation to protect my husband’s social media reputation as well.

That’s it, in a nutshell; this blog is my way of publicly venting while protecting the reputation of my employer, future employers, and my husband.

My intentions are to share observations, non-PC jokes, political commentary, conspiracy theories, and whatever else pleases me.  I’m told that Google knows everything but, just in case, let it be known that this site is intended for mature audiences. If you’re easily offended by opinions to which you disagree;  move along there’s nothing to see here. Schools, libraries, and other institutions with internet filters that block sites discussing guns, gays, drugs, or the Government’s war on _____ should put the wall up now.  My understanding is that people like websites with pictures and videos.  I will attempt to share pictures as they’re available and will give a go at adding some YouTube videos. YouTube is beholden to the IP owners so some content may have ads (off of which I make nothing) or may be discontinued.  Using a provider like YouTube protects all the stakeholders so it’s what I plan to use.

Comments on future posts are welcome but will be moderated.  To keep spam to a minimum, sign in is required.  Comments containing hate speech, name calling, threats, or bible quoting will unlikely make it through the spam filters or censor; unless it is so ignorant to be humorous.

Links to outside websites are not advertisements.  They’re there because I think it’s helpful for the reader and it was easy for me to add.  Unless this little slice of the www goes viral for some unknown reason, everything on this site is the personal opinion of and paid for by me.

Who knows, if this goes well I may even learn to tweet.