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Presale access to Depeche Mode’s 2017 Tour

February 24, 2017 | 0 Comments

Depeche Mode's 2017 Spirit TourDepeche Mode’s new album is set to release in March and they will be announcing their USA tour dates sometime soon thereafter.  I’ve been a big fan of Depeche Mode for years and love their live shows.  It’s unfortunate that too many times scalpers and robo-buyers snatch up all the best seats before honest concert goers get a chance.  This year you can sign up to for Depeche Mode presale concert access and enter a contest to meet the band.

The presale event is categorized by the city you pick.  Basically you register to earn a place in line to purchase up to four tickets before they go on sale to the general public.  There’s a link on the concert’s presale page to purchase their latest 2-CD release “Spirit” and, if you’re willing to give them your Facebook contacts or tweet about the event, you can even win a face-to-face with the band.

I’ve been to every Depeche Mode concert possible since seeing them while still in high school.  They do a great show and always draw an interesting crowd.  Think of a cross between Morrissey and The Cure.  And while I like The Cure’s albums, they are nothing compared to DM when it comes to energy and fun at a live show.  Who knows where David Gahan gets all that energy night after night.

It is nearly guaranteed that they will play their biggest hits spanning back to the 80s as well as the singles from “Spirit”, set to release in March.  I know the chances of the band seeing this post are like zero but, the songs I’d love for them to play include: Shake The Disease, Just Can’t Get Enough, Stripped, Leave in Silence, Personal Jesus, and Down the Barrel of a Gun. Whatever they play, this is sure to be a great show!

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