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Liberal’s Rule Change Bites Back

November 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

It has been over a week since Hillary lost the election to Trump and the fear expressed by liberals about what the Trumpster’s administration will look like is coming into focus.  Remember the far left elite that blindly followed Obama into a first term that benefited a majority in both chambers of congress?  Now, imagine the same thing – except, flip the script to a group of ultra right wingnuts.  It is a good thing that the founding fathers understood the power inherent to the Executive and put in place a check, approval through advice and consent of the U.S. senate to Executive appointments.

Well, it was a check until a group of power hungry Democrats, upset by Republican filibustering of Obama appointments, changed the administrative rules of the Senate to require only a simple majority in order to approve appointments.  Yes, it was a Democratic majority led by Harry Reid that changed the rules of the senate, thus ending the ability of the minority to block executive appointments.

So, what does that mean?  It means that, thanks to the zeal of 2013 Democrats, 2016 Democrats are screwed.  There were some sound-minded Democrats who warned that the pendulum of political power always moves from one direction to the other and voted against the rule change – stating that someday they would rue their decision.  That day is fast approaching as Trump fills his cabinet with some of the most bigoted, racist, theocrats possible.  Thanks to the power hungry Democrats smitten by Obama’s charm, holding a simple majority is all the Republicans need to approve Trump’s appointments.

Things aren’t all bad for moderate Americans.  Luckily, there are some level-headed Republicans like McCain and Rand Paul that aren’t afraid to buck the party-line when it suites their purpose.  With the hard-right turn that Trump envisions scaring even some Republicans, a Trump presidency may just lead to some much needed cross-isle cooperation.  In Washington cooperation and compromise are synonymous and heavy hitters like McCain and Paul don’t come cheap.  One can only imagine what the Democrats will have to give up, besides the white house, to win even the smallest battle these next two years.  After all the crying remember that you did this to yourselves.


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