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Favorite TV Shows

November 7, 2016 | 0 Comments

After hours of answering emails it was time to go and enjoy some lunch.  All day I’ve been thinking about last week’s episode of Lucifer and looking forward to tonight’s (hopeful) resolution.  Lucifer is distraught over the death of his brother in the previous week’s episode.  Chloe, Amenadiel, Linda, and even Detective Douche are concerned about Lucifer’s destructive behavior.  It is Dr. Linda Martin that Lucifer finally decides to talk to.

Spoiler Alert!

Within moments of the convoluted (but accurate) story Linda stops Lucifer, demanding that he finally be truthful with her.  He reveals himself in a way that sends Dr. Linda into a state of catatonic shock and so ends the show.

I like to watch shows when I eat and was thinking about poor Dr. Linda’s condition so popped in the pilot episode where Linda and Lucifer first meet and make their “deal”.  You can only imagine what she must be thinking if you understand their past.  This got me to thinking about how my friends and I quote movies & TV shows and share our favorite moments.  That got me thinking about what I want to do with this blog.

Something I’ve always loved are fan pages about shows or actors I fancy.  So, my intent will be to create a few fan pages or posts about my favorite shows and movies.  Maybe post an overview, favorite quotes, funny scenes, and maybe a few pictures, especially if they’re hot!  Because this whole train of thought started with Lucifer, that will be my first post.  Other shows that will likely be added because I think they’re awesome include: Archer, NCIS, Firefly, Forever Knight, Zombieland, Deadpool, and Dude Where’s My Car.  Those are my go-to favorites but I’m sure that others will be added.

As much as I like to keep things positive, it’s important that CBS know how disappointed I am about Elementary being moved to Sunday night.  After sitting with a small pizza to watch last week’s episode only to discover some other show… this is why I stopped watching The Mentalist!  If this is some attempt to get me to subscribe to your All Access on-demand program for $5.99/month, it just may work.  I’m still majorly disappointed, you’re lucky I’m not Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg; you know what happens when he gets disappointed.  May have to do one on that movie as well, Chris Tucker was hysterical.

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