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Tag: Religious Discrimination

Crazy or Fabulous?

July 20, 2017 | 0 Comments

the church of fabulous

Gayness as a religion.  Is this simply the crazy rantings of self-proclaimed internet porn-addicted attorney Chris Sevier or is this something that should be seriously considered?  This week Chris served papers in a DC court claiming that gayness is a religion and, as such, the rainbow flag, a well-known symbol of gayness, should not be allowed to be displayed on government property.  Many of my friends think that Chris, the man who filed legal suites against some states when they wouldn’t let him marry his porn-filled laptop computer, a crackpot.  I, however, think he’s on to something that deserves serious consideration.  Maybe gayness should be deemed a religion and awarded all the benefits that other religions, and their representatives, are given under federal and state law.  Of course there will be some pros and some cons to gayness being declared a religion.

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Sessions Update

July 18, 2017 | 0 Comments

jeff sessions cartoon

While the MSM has been playing up the Trump-Russia thing for the past week others in the administration have been doing horrible things that have gotten virtually no coverage.  Of the political stooges that have riled me this week, Jeff Sessions is at the top of the list.  With complete disregard to the principles of Freedom and Liberty, in the past 7 days Sessions has given his blessing for religious zealots to discriminate, affirmed his position on conviction-less asset forfeiture, and doubled down on his anti-weed crusade.

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