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Nunes memo disappointment

February 3, 2018 | 0 Comments

All the media hype over release of the Nunes memo has resulted in nothing but disappointment. FOX News, who claims to be fair and balanced, started the #releasethememo movement to shift the public’s attention from Mueller’s Russia probe and cast shade on America’s intelligence agencies & FISA court that issue surveillance warrants. I’ve watched and listened to FOX News for hours since Republican congressman Nunes released his (partisan) memo and have yet to hear one FOX pundit call for the other half of the memo, the Democrat’s rebuttal.  It’s time now for left-leaning media outlets like MSNBC and HuffPost to keep the #releasethememo movement alive until the Democrat’s memo is also release so that we, the educated, can compare both memos head-to-head and make our own fair and balanced assessment.

Something else that deserves free-thinking American’s attention is the fact that Republicans, who are slamming the FBI and court’s decision to surveil Carter Page, someone suspected of engaging with foreign operatives, overwhelmingly voted in favor of extending Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Not only did both sides, Republicans and Democrats, overwhelmingly pass the bill that gives government agencies permission to secretly spy on Americans without a warrant, they did so without any consideration or debate of (Democrat) Ron Wyden & (Republican) Rand Paul’s amendment intended to protect American’s constitutional right to privacy.

The hypocrisy of partisan politics shines through again. Republicans slam the FISA system for doing its job yet do nothing, when it’s within their power, to change it. Republicans scream that Americans have a right to read a politically motivated classified memo that even the level-headed in their own party have expressed concern yet refuse to let us read the Democratic response.

I was massively disappointed after reading the Nunes memo. Outraged Republican congressmen interviewed on CNN and FOX “News” swore it would cause outrage and undermine the public’s trust more than any previous scandal involving abuse of power. It didn’t!  “People will be fired and go to jail” over this damning memo. I doubt it! If anything, the memo cemented my opinion that Washington politicians are childish crybabies that throw tantrums whenever something isn’t going their way. The outrage I’m experiencing is that caused by disappointment and embarrassment of our broken political system. While our attention is focused on the shiny memo in Washington’s right hand, we forget about things like the erosion of civil rights, affordable healthcare, repairing/upgrading infrastructure, expanding clean energy, and immigration reform as they’re pocketed by the left.

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