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Paul Mango is no drug expert

July 29, 2017 | 0 Comments

Paul Mango

Amazingly, FOX news has been the channel to watch or listen to on XM/Sirius lately if you actually want to hear news.  CNN has discarded news coverage altogether for non-stop Trump WH coverage.  They’re now what FOX was when Obama was president.  Anyway today on FOX they interviewed a man named Paul Mango that has announced his candidacy for the Pennsylvania governor race.  During the introduction they called him a “healthcare expert” with “vast experience in business and healthcare”.  While I found his answers to some questions adequate, his reply to “what would you do about the opioid epidemic” was beyond ignorant.

Mr. Mango pointed out to the FOX news host that Pennsylvania is suffering from more than opioids; everyday about 13 people here are dying from fentanyl and heroin as well.  I kind of liked you Paul so here’s a bit of free knowledge for you to share when you do your next interview:  fentanyl and heroin are opioids.  If your going to call yourself a healthcare expert and declare a state of emergency on day one to combat the drug problem killing approximately 13 Pennsylvanians a day, you should at least know what you’re fighting.

Although Mango’s website displays some positions obviously meant to appease the religious right Republican base, he didn’t spout a bunch of religious freedom (code for legal discrimination) or dismantling the government rhetoric common to too many Republicans these days so, while certainly not endorsing him,  I wish you well Mr. Mango.

Paul Mango on FOX


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