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Crazy or Fabulous?

July 20, 2017 | 0 Comments

the church of fabulous

Gayness as a religion.  Is this simply the crazy rantings of self-proclaimed internet porn-addicted attorney Chris Sevier or is this something that should be seriously considered?  This week Chris served papers in a DC court claiming that gayness is a religion and, as such, the rainbow flag, a well-known symbol of gayness, should not be allowed to be displayed on government property.  Many of my friends think that Chris, the man who filed legal suites against some states when they wouldn’t let him marry his porn-filled laptop computer, a crackpot.  I, however, think he’s on to something that deserves serious consideration.  Maybe gayness should be deemed a religion and awarded all the benefits that other religions, and their representatives, are given under federal and state law.  Of course there will be some pros and some cons to gayness being declared a religion.

The pros of gay religion

The biggest advantage is the tax breaks and legal exemptions given by federal and state governments to religious organizations.  Virtually any group, even for profit businesses, can say that they operate as a religious organization or that the owner’s behavior  is a result of their religion and therefore permissible.

Why should Robert Tilton, Mike Murdock, Creflo Dollar,Ken Ham, and the Joel Osteens of the religious world be the only ones reaping the benefits awarded to “ministries”?  Owners of gay establishments that act as a place where gays congregate or offer services to the gay community will file as 501(c)(3) religious organizations to avoid paying property, sales, and income taxes and, as a religion, be exempt from disclosing their sources of income or expenditures that other non-profits are required to report on form IRS form 990.  If you’ve ever looked in awe at the opulence or a Christian cathedral just wait until you see the upgrades coming to gay clubs (ah-hum, churches) when 33% or more of their revenue that normally goes to providing schools and public services via taxes, is reinvested into the establishment.  They’re going to be fabulous.  

When gayness is officially recognized as a religion, gay bars/churches, restaurants, book shops, Bed & Breakfasts and other businesses with deeply held gay beliefs will finally be able to selectively exclude those pesky straights and flamboyant Christians.   Obviously the cute straights that visit out of “curiosity” will be allowed and that is okay because the owner can set whatever standards they want and the state will back them because, religion.

The cons of gay religion

If the gay flag becomes the symbol of gay religion it will no longer be able to be flown or presented on public property without receiving politely worded letters from organizations like FFRF that work to educate political leaders of the constitutional separation of church & state.  Speaking of education, in most states, schools will no longer be allowed to sponsor gay prayer groups or gay literature meetings.

Lucky for the gays those things are already so rarely done that it would hardly be noticed.  Also lucky for the gays is that so many states and federal politicians are pushing for religious freedom laws right now that it may not be long before they are allowed.

It’s my opinion that the pros of gay religion far outweigh the cons and I believe it’s time that gays be awarded the legal protections and privileges that other religions receive.

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